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Heart Health Analytics

for Greater Longevity

Cardiolyse is a cloud ECG & HRV analytics platform, that enables real-time remote heart health monitoring, providing plain personalized reports, detection and up to two months data-based prognosis on dangerous heart events


We deliver a holistic approach to prevent heart disorders for elevated risk groups, using innovative and clinically proven machine-learning algorithms



Cloud solution for affordable real-time remote heart health monitoring through any leads digital ECG device integration



Clinically proven machine-learning algorithms that analyze up to 400 vital ECG parameters and detect all types of Arrythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Myocardial Infarction, Ventricular Hypertrophy



Patent-pending Universal ECG and Personal Baseline Scores to precisely predict heart attacks and strokes up to 2 months before they occur



Personalized reports on vital cardiac parameters values to timely adjust medication and patient's lifestyle, increasing access to preventive care


Remote Real-time Heart Health Monitoring

Allows to accurately determine the position of every cardiac parameter on a scale from a personal baseline to pathology to prevent dangerous heart events for elevated risk groups


Diabetes Cardiovascular Comorbidities Prevention

Provides an integrated solution for primary prevention of cardiovascular complications in diabetes with specific cardiac parameters monitoring, timely disease CVD risk detection and cure


Fatigue Risk Management

Comprehensive liability insurance solution and alert system for seamless real-time fatigue risks monitoring in critical safety job performers to prevent further accidents

for corporate sector


Comprehensive clinically-proven and CE-certified, yet affordable tracking of all-known vital parameters to ease and speed-up the patient diagnosticating for cardiologists, general practitioners and healthcare providers


Healthcare system cost burden reduction, driven by eliminated physician office visits, dangerous heart events and hospital readmission prevention with timely cardiovascular risk detection and early treatment intervention


Plain, patient- and doctor-adapted visually compelling cardiac health reports, enabling patients to take control of and positively impact their health with necessary lifestyle adjustments

110529 ECG analyzed
24424 HRV analyzed
146 critical heart events prevented
27 people saved

Case Study


Fatigue risk management proof of concept for global insurer in trucking in New York

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Study on interrelation of ECG and HRV parameters with the fatigue level severity in medical workers

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Cardiac screening for rural areas citizens in Ukraine

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Oxford University

Ongoing research on 500K ECG recordings analysis

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Meet our health passionate and expert global team, standing behind the Cardiolyse platform development and growth

Anna Starynska Co-Founder, CEO Serial Entrepreneur with 25+ years experience in complex multinational projects
Illya Chaikovsky Co-Founder, CSO 30+ years in Cardiology and Functional Diagnostics practice, PhD multiple
Nick Papirniy CTO 9+ years experience in tech. Healthcare and DNA projects
Tetiana Nakonechna BDM Business Development & Product Management expert with 9+ years of experience
Maria Nerobeieva CMO 11+ years of leading Marketing Communications for tech and advertising companies
Normunds Daudiss BDM Experienced BD with 15+ years in B2B projects and innovation commercialization
Irina Zharuk COO 15+ years of experience in Public Health Project Management
Max Boreiko Head of R&D MSc in medical physics with 6+ years experience in medical algorithms


Cardiolyse Was Honored to Present Our Technology At European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris

By admin 12.09.2019

World’s biggest cardiology event – European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Paris has been a great success. More than 33,000 health professionals gathered over five days to attend 600 expert sessions covering the entire spectrum of cardiovascular medicine, visit the sessions showcasing 28 key clinical trials, share knowledge and global scientific experience, learn and gain new advances, network and […]

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CEO of Cardiolyse Presented Fatigue Risk Management Solution at Connected Health Tech Meeting in Paris

By admin 04.07.2019

Keep on exploring our solution expansion opportunities, this time in France Thank you Paris Region for the invitation and amazing opportunity to take part in and pitch at the Connected Health Tech Meeting event, that took place in Paris last week. Our CEO, Anna Starynska has presented Cardiolyse innovative products for remote real-time Heart Health monitoring for high risk groups, […]

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Cardiolyse Joined British-Ukrainian Tech Night as a Part of London Tech Week

By admin 14.06.2019

British-Ukrainian Tech Night has been just great! Our CTO Nick Papirniy has presented Cardiolyse to the 200+ audience of both Ukrainian and British tech communities, investors, entrepreneurs and corporates, government officials and partnering startups. We’re excited to have earlier won such an opportunity to pitch and now to have become a part of such a vibrant and innovation-driven event! This […]

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Cardiolyse Joined Global Community of Healthcare Companies at the Tech Tour’s Digital Health Venture Forum

By admin 06.06.2019

Last week our CMO Masha Nerobeieva has presented Cardiolyse to a global community of healthcare companies and investors at the Tech Tour’s Digital Health Venture Forum in Porto, Portugal. The Forum gathered more than 170 participants, including presenting companies from across 11 countries, international and regional investors, health sector corporates, industry players and the state officials. Cardiolyse was selected out […]

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Cardiolyse Successfully Finished the Stage 2 Audit for ISO 13485 and CE as a Medical Software Certification

By admin 31.05.2019

An amazing end of the intense week and the challenging last months overall. Cardiolyse has successfully finished the stage 2 audit for ISO 13485 and CE as a medical software certification. CE is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. CE is essential to fully enter […]

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